Feeling Sad? These 6 People Can Help You Out – Knowing & Sharing

By | May 11, 2017

Hey Guys!

There are times when we don’t feel good about anything related to our life. Bad day at work, break-up with girlfriend/boyfriend, fight with spouse or anything like that can be the reason that make people whine about their life. When we fail to achieve or get something special, we tend to ignore all the great things around us.

This is a part of human nature that sometimes we consider ourselves as the most tormented person who is deprived of happiness in life. But, there are many other people who go through a lot of troubles every single day of their life and yet they don’t complaint. Or say, there is no one to listen their plea. Whenever you feel bad about life, you can think of these people:

The amount that we spend in a coffee shop at once is more than the per day wages of a rickshaw puller. While in traffic, people on bikes and cars humiliate them and blame for the jam. If you think that you have the worst job ever and your pay scale is very low, then you must recall the life of a rickshaw puller.

When it is hard for us to manage everything at home, we hire maids for handling household chores. In India, people don’t pay much to their house maids and therefore they have to work for at least 3 or 4 houses to make enough money to feed their families. Most of Indian house maids are bound to manage all these things along with the torture of a drunken husband. And, you often get upset because your spouse didn’t remember the anniversary.

  1. Physically Impaired People

Last year, I visited a blind school where I met a blind teacher teaching little kids. He told me that when he was young, he had an accident that made him blind. He was a college topper and his life was completely shattered after the mishappening but he moved on. Also, I found all blind children as happy as normal kids. On the contrary, I have seen people whining about their natural appearance.

Have you ever visited or crossed by a slum? Slum dwellers fall under the category of the most underprivileged part of the society. You must see the situations they live in and it’s the worst in rainy season. They survive in all situations considering the endless hard work and unhealthy atmosphere a part of their life. You really shouldn’t be upset about the fact that your apartment is not big enough for all your stuff.

We are all aware of the conditions at the borders and frequent attacks on soldiers. Our soldiers go through much more horrible situations when they are on duty. And after knowing all this, their families try to stay happy and live a normal life. Their families wait for a year or two to see their heroes coming back to home. Is it really worth complaining about the long distance relationships?

We have come a long way through development after independence but rural India is still untouched by the prosperity of development and revolutions. The condition of electricity, technology and education system are really disappointing in the villages of India. People in cities cry for the low speed of wifi.

Sadness is a truth of life and no one can change it. But, there are millions of people out there who are still surviving in all sorts of circumstances. There is a simple rule of life: if you can’t make yourself happy, no one can do that either. There are millions of issues to be upset about but it is our choice to focus only on the reasons that set us apart from others. I hope, you will understand this and enjoy even the little things that you are blessed with right now.