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By | June 25, 2017

Few years back in 1994, the first episode of the popular television series FRIENDS (1994-2004) was premiered in America. Both viewers and makers had no idea that it will become the show of the decade. The number of records that the show created during its telecast is huge. It’s been 13 years since the show ended but we still love to watch it again and again.

Although, the entire series is awesome but there are several scenes from the show that we can never forget. How Rachel met the group and how everyone managed to deal with the ups and downs of living in a city like New York is a story comprised of the best scenes. In this post, we will take a look at some of the best and most memorable scenes from FRIENDS (1994-2004):

  1. When bride Rachel Enters in Central Perk – TOW Monica Gets a Roommate (Season 1)

This scene is from the first episode of the first season. Monica, Pheobe, Joey and Chandler are sitting in the coffee house and trying to make Ross feel better after his divorce with Carol. Ross says, ‘I just wanna get married again’ and Rachel enters the Coffee House as a wet bride right that moment. Chandler notices this and says, ‘And, I just want a million dollars’ looking desperately at the door.

When Joey Kisses Chandler on New Year Eve – TOW the Monkey (Season 1)

Monica is planning for New Year Eve Celebration and everyone decides not to bring a partner in the party. It turns out that Ross has got a monkey who was saved by his friend and he is bringing him to the party. Joey has a date whom he met in super market and Chandler has already asked Janice. Pheobe is said because his boyfriend leaves for Minsk and Rachel has hurt her lips. So, no one is willing to kiss anyone. When the clock hits the time, Chandler repeatedly says, ‘Kiss me, somebody kiss me’. Joey holds Chandler’s face and kisses him in flurry.

When Chandler Accidentally Reveals Ross’ Feelings – TOW Rachel Finds Out (Season 1)

Ross has a huge crush on Rachel since high school and he tried like hundred times to express his feelings in front of her but he couldn’t do so. When he goes to China for work, he leaves an expensive gift for Rachel’s birthday. When Rachel receives Ross’s gift, she wonders why he bought her such a precious gift. Chandler accidentally explains that Ross bought expensive gifts also for Carol when he was in love with her. Everyone is shocked as Chandler has no words to say.

When Everyone Watches the Prom Video – TOW the Prom Video (Season 2)

Ross and Monica’s parents bring an old high school prom video during their visit. Ross and Rachel are not talking to each other because of their dispute. Everyone wants to watch that tape but Ross is reluctant. It turns out that Ross was crazy about Rachel since high school and Rachel never realized this. When Rachel learns this, she goes to Ross and kisses him passionately. Monica is happy with tears in her eyes and everyone else is smiling at them.

When Joey Kisses Rachel’s Mother – TOW the Two Parties (Season 2)

Rachel tells that her parents recently got divorced and can’t stand each other even in public places. Monica plans a surprise birthday celebration for Rachel and both of her parents show up at the party. They all try their best to hide the fact that they both are present. In their attempt to prevent their confrontation, Joey has to kiss Rachel’s mother so her father doesn’t notice that she is in the hallway.

When Joey Wears Chandler’s Clothes – TOW No One is Ready (Season 3)

Chandler and Joey were fighting over a chair, so Chandler hides Joey’s underwear. In order to do the opposite of this, Joey goes across the hall and wear all the clothes he finds in Chandler’s closet. Not only this, he even tries to do lunges so he can ruin his clothes. Chandler’s reactions are priceless in this scene.

When Rachel Breaks Up With Ross – TOW the Morning After (Season 3)

This scene can be included as one of the gloomiest episodes in television history. When Rachel asks Ross to take a break from their relationship, Ross gets upset and ends up sleeping with another girl. When Rachel learns this, she calls off their relationship. Ross tries his best to make this up but Rachel is so mad at him. This scene from FRIENDS (1994-1004) can make anyone cry and make feel bad about both of them.

When the Secret of the Beach is Revealed – TOW the jellyfish (Season 4)

It was supposed to be a fun beach trip but everyone is either sad, confused or silent after the trip. It turns out that there is a secret that Monica, Joey and Chandler have been trying to hide but Joey is unable to keep it to himself. He tells everyone that Monica was stung by a jellyfish and to abate the pain, Chandler and Joey peed on her. Poor Monica.

When Girls bet their Apartment for a Quiz – TOW the Embryos (Season 4)

Chandler and Joey profess that they know Monica and Rachel better than the girls know them. Girls deny the fact and they all decide to have a quiz whose questions will be set by Ross. Girls bet their apartment and lose it whereas guys get to keep their birds and move in to the bigger apartment. The whole quiz part is one of the most memorable scenes of FRIENDS (1994-2004).

When Ross Says the Wrong Name at the Alter – TOW Ross’ Wedding (Season 4)

Ross is getting married to Emily and everyone is very excited except Rachel as she still loves him. On the other hand, Ross has no feelings for Rachel and he sees her as a friend. At the Alter, when bride and groom commence their vows, Ross accidentally says Rachel instead of Emily leaving everyone else in shock.

When Monica Dances with a turkey on Her Head – TOW All the Thanksgivings (Season 5)

When Chandler gets to know that he lost his toe because of Monica, he is very upset with her and doesn’t want to speak to anyone for a while. Monica can’t stand this and tries to apologize for this. Then, she wears a turkey on her head and keeps a bowl at the top and dances in front of Chandler. Chandler laughs and says that he loves her which astonishes her.

When Ross Tries to Put Back on His Leather pants – TOW All the Resolutions (Season 5)

This scene is remembered as one of the most hilarious moments of the show. Ross wear a tight leather pant and goes on a date. Later, he goes in to the bathroom and takes them off. And now, he finds it impossible to put back on his sexy leather pants. Ross’ painstaking efforts to put them back are the highlights of this scene.

When Everyone Learn About Mondler’s Secret Relationship – TOW Everyone Finds Out (Season 5)

Joey was the first person who gets to know about Chandler and Monica and he even helps them keep their relationship a secret. Later on, Rachel hears Monica and Chandler having love conversation on phone but she keeps mum. When Pheobe sees both of them kissing from Ross’ apartment, she decides with Rachel to reveal their truth. They all play it like two teams and then Chandler bursts up saying that he loves Monica. Pheobe was outstanding in this scene.

When Monica & Ross Reveal Each Other’s Secrets – TOW Ross Got High (Season 6)

Chandler and Monica get to learn that once Ross got high and put the blame on chandler in front of their parents and therefore they don’t like Chandler. On the contrary, Monica was planning to tell her parents about her relationship with Chandler so she wants Ross to tell the truth to their parents.

This is when a series of secret revelation starts. Monica tells that Ross smoked pot in college and stole playboy magazines. Then, Ross reveals that Monica broke the porch swing and Monica says that Ross got married to Rachel in Vegas and divorced…AGAIN! And, that’s when Ross reveals that Monica and Chandler are living together.

When Ross Explains the Concept of Unagi – TOW the Unagi (Season 6)

I believe that the whole episode is so funny. When Pheobe and Rachel tell Ross that they are going to self-defense classes, then Ross introduces the concept of Unagi. At first, they take it as a joke and consider it some kind of sushi and then Ross tries stupid measures to prove his points. Oh, by the way! Unagi is the state of total awareness.

When Monica Gets Down on Her Knees to Propose Chandler – TOW the Proposal (Season 6)

Mondler is one of the most romantic and beloved couple of television. Apart from this, the way they proposed each other was spell-binding. Although, it was Chandler’s plan to surprise Monica with a fancy proposal but Monica surprises him instead. Joey convinces Chandler that Monica has left the apartment but when he opens the door, he finds Monica on her knees. The speech is even more intriguing.

When Ross & Joey Get Stuck on Fire Escape – TOW They’re Up all Night (Season 7)

Ross and Joey get stuck on roof after everyone leaves to go to bed. Now, both of them have just one option to get down and that is the fire escape. Since, they can’t jump as it’s too high, Joey hangs up at a point and Ross crawls through his body to get down. The whole scene and the reactions of Joey and Ross are worth a watch.

When Drunk Monica Speaks in Front of her Parents – TOW They All Turn Thirty (Season 7)

Chandler organizes a birthday party for Monica and invites everyone including her parents to surprise her. But, Monica is drunk and they have to hide this from her parents. Pheobe, trying to deal with it in her own ways, announces that the birthday girl will give a speech. In her speech, Monica tells everyone that she is hammered and she also smoked a cigarette. This episode reminds us that drunk Monica is so much fun.

When Will Exposes the Truth behind the Rumor – TOW the Rumor (Season 8)

Rachel gets to know that Bill from high school hates her and he also founded ‘I hate Rachel Green’ club with Ross. Not only this, they both spread the rumor that Rachel had both male and female reproductive parts. After knowing this, Rachel reveals that she told everyone in school when Ross made out with a 50 years old librarian.

When Guys Play the Bamboozle – TOW the Baby Shower (Season 8)

Joey has an audition for a game show and he wants Ross and Chandler to help him rehearse for it. Alongside, Pheobe and Monica organize a baby shower for Rachel. At first, Chandler finds the game quite lame when Joey starts it but Ross is loving it. In the middle of the game, Chandler finds the game rules interesting and he starts enjoying the game.

When Pheobe Yells at Judy Geller – TOW Pheobe’s Birthday Dinner (Season 9)

Pheobe invited everyone at a restaurant for her birthday party but everyone is late except Joey.  They somehow manage to reach but Rachel is still not paying attention as Ross’ mother, Judy Geller is taking care of her baby at the same restaurant. When Judy doesn’t understand what Rachel is trying to tell, Pheobe starts to yell, ‘For god sake Judy, PICK UP THE SOCK, PICK UP THE SOCK’.

When Pheobe Drops Off the Bowl Filled with Lottery Tickets – TOW the Lottery (Season 9)

Everyone buys lottery tickets but then Monica takes out the extra tickets that she bought for her and Chandler. Now, everyone wants their separate tickets and they all fight. Pheobe is freaked out to see all this, so she takes the bowl filled with lottery tickets and warn them to stop the fight or she will drop it off the balcony. When they stop it, Pheobe takes a dig at them but then a pigeon comes which scares Pheobe and she drops off the bowl.

When Joey Gets His Head Stuck in the Door – TOW the Late Thanksgiving (Season10)

Monica and Chandler lock the door when Ross, Rachel, Pheobe and Joey make them wait for about an hour for thanksgiving dinner. They try to open the door and apologize for being late and during this, Joey gets his head stuck in the door. Poor Joey once got his head stuck in a turkey.

When Pheobe & Mike Get Married – TOW Pheobe’s Wedding (Season 10)

The moment does become more than special when you get to marry the man of your dream who is the love of your life. Pheobe went through a terrible childhood but then she found Mike. Mike truly loved Pheobe and was ready to leave his rich parents for her. There is a heavy snow fall and the street is filled with snow. But, Monica makes it all look beautiful and arranges a dreamy wedding for Pheobe.

When Rachel Gets Off the Plane for Ross – TOW the Last One (Season 10)

Ross realizes that he still loves Rachel when she tells him that she is moving to Paris for a job. He wants her to pursue her dreams so he doesn’t express his feelings for her. But, Pheobe takes him to the airport where he tells Rachel that he doesn’t want her to go because he loves her.

Confused and emotional Rachel sits on the plane and hopeless Ross goes back to home. When he reaches home, he receives a message from Rachel that she loves him too. Now he is confused if Rachel got off the plane or not. Rachel says, I got off the plane’. This is probably the most lovable line of the FRIENDS (1994-2004).

This was the list of some of my favorite and one of the most memorable scenes from FRIENDS TV show. Which one do you think is the best scene in the entire series? Do you have your favorites too? If so, then please let me know in the comment section.