9 Types of Guests in Indian Weddings | Fun facts | Knowing & Sharing

By | June 17, 2017

If you are willing to witness family fun, overloaded excitement, emotions and colorful rituals together, then an Indian wedding is the right event for it. Since, India is the abode of varying cultures, lifestyle, and norms; you get to explore a wide variety of interesting rituals. All these special rituals make an Indian wedding function even more colorful.

Other than rituals, guests are another noticeable aspect of Indian marriage functions because you get to see different types of people in these events. In this post, we shall take a look at the types of guests that we find in all Indian weddings.

A group of people will always be there in an Indian wedding to ensure that all poojas are being performed without any errors. They might get offended by the idea of performing any ritual in easier and unconventional ways. You will notice that instead of enjoying the wedding, they react more like the protectors of ‘Sanskars’.

After the Sanskari Squad, there is another group that you will find in Indian marriages and that is the critic crew. A self-formed group of people is authorized to point out all the possible issues they notice in the function. Amazingly, they can find errors in catering and menu items, decoration, venue and everything else they see around you. This doesn’t end here! They settle an end point with a sentence – ‘Mujhe kya lena dena’ (I have nothing to do with it).

If you get to witness two opposing parties from the same side, don’t be surprised because it is quite natural. This opposition generally created between the paternal and maternal relative groups of the bride/groom. There is a cold battle between the two regarding the outfits, gifts, dance and much more. It is almost impossible for Chachi Ji (paternal aunt) to deal normally with Mausi Ji (maternal aunt).

  1. The ‘I am here for you’ Team

Apart from these interestingly rare groups, Indian wedding functions also introduce you with some people who are around the bride/groom and their parents for help. From outfit to jewelry and from photo session to the final ceremony of wedding, they won’t leave you alone.

After wedding, a girl notices plenty of lifestyle changes including her wardrobe. During the procedure of wedding shopping and trousseau packing, to-be-brides don’t even realize that there are so many cousins out there who are all set to claim the legacy on bride’s wardrobe.

You might have heard of popular dance forms like Salsa, Zumba, Samba, Kathakali, Breakdance and contemporary but the snake dance is solely originated from Indian weddings. Usually, snake dance is performed by the uncles of the groom that includes the consumption of 2-3 drinks and a specific posture. They lie down on the ground with both their hands in a snake like position and doing fast crunches.

When you will go to a wedding function, you will definitely find few people who are more interested in giving instructions rather than doing it by themselves. They will enjoy all the chaos going on there, but will not bother to get up and give a hand for any chores. I guess these people believe in occupying their place in wedding functions.

  1. The Picture Perfectionists

Nope! I am not talking about the photographer or his assistance. In Indian wedding functions, you will get to see some people who are obsessed with themselves. They click a selfie at every corner of the venue including the catering area and Mandap (place where main wedding ceremonies take place).

  1. The Recently Found Relatives

There are hundreds of relatives that you haven’t even heard about in your entire life but you get to learn that they are your relatives. You don’t need to bother remembering their names because you are not going to meet them before the next family function. You get the chance to meet these recently found relatives only in wedding functions.

Sometimes, it might be annoying to tackle these people but at the end, you tend to enjoy their presence. When come together, these people actually make an Indian wedding function more spicy and lively. So, if you haven’t had fun for a long time and there is an invitation for wedding on your table, just go for it and have some fun.