8 Proven Ways to Build a Great First Impression – Knowing & Sharing

By | June 17, 2017

8 Proven Ways to Build a Great First Impression

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ This popular quote by the British Writer Andrew Grant clearly implicates that first impressions are very crucial. We all know and certainly believe that first impression is the last impression and it is going to last till the end. Whether it’s a job interview, a date or a meeting with client, good first impression is always the saviour.

It’s indeed an irony that even a nice and competent person can lose the deal due to a bad first impression. Therefore, no matter how confident and prepared you are; you need to develop a remarkable impression to seal the deal. In this post, you will get to come across several proven ways to build a great first impression:

  1. Watch out Your Body Language

When you are meeting someone for the first time, there is a possibility that you might lack confidence. This can directly affect your usual body language but there is no need to panic about it. All you need is to stay calm and when you feel anxious or nervous, long breathes will help a lot. Besides, try not to shake your legs or cover your face with your hands while you are talking.

  1. Maintain Moderation in Your Confidence Level

As I have already said that you might feel a lack in your confidence level, chances also say that you might feel a bit over-confident. We all know what possible disasters over-confidence can bring to anything. Since, your inner feelings control your voice tone, you need to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

  1. Be Natural But Choose Your Words Carefully

Being natural is the most essential thing when it comes to making the first impression on someone. When you are about to interact with someone for the very first time, you are supposed to represent yourself as who you are. Pretending to be perfect is not going to help you in building first impression at all. Besides, you should also watch out your words when you talk to a person during the first meeting.

  1. Dress Properly According to the Occasion

It’s harsh but it’s the truth of life that people believe what they see. Most people buy books just by looking at its captivating cover. No matter how creative your thoughts are or how well-behaved you are, if you don’t dress well, you might fail in building the first impression effectively. Moreover, you should definitely consider the occasion while getting dressed for the meeting.          

  1. Represent your Listening Skills

Being a good speaker implicates that you are a confident person but being a good listener tells that you are smart, sensitive and caring. Surprisingly, having great listening skills is a quality that helps you make a great impression and develop a connection with people. Let them know that you are not self-obsessed and you like to listen what others say.

  1. Smile and Make Eye Contact

This may seem like a part of good body posturing during the first meetings but it’s apparently different than that. Suppose that you’ve been nice and confident with that person throughout the meeting and it’s going pretty well. So, is that all? Nope! A smile and eye contact during conversation are still missing. Apart from listening, a warm smile tells that you are having a good time and eye contact keeps the conversation engaging. These two factors will be very helpful in building good first impressions effortlessly.

  1. Don’t Stuck in Your Gadgets

If you are willing to build a great impression on someone, then you have got to keep your gadgets away from yourself especially during the beginning of the conversation. Checking messages, sports score or any other notification again and again doesn’t make any sense when you are sitting with someone. It will be the best if you focus on your conversation rather than sticking to your gadgets.

  1. Consider a Warm and Polite Ending Note

Communication experts recommend that every meeting or conversation needs a complementary ending note. When you are done with the conversation, you can come up with an ending note including a ‘Thank you’ or ‘See you soon’ to bind it up in an appropriate way. This is a surefire method to leave a lasting impression on people you meet for the first time.

And, my friends! That’s how it is done. If you wish to leave a remarkable impression on someone in your first meeting, then you must keep these above mentioned ways in your mind. Whether it’s a personal get together or a professional meeting, you are good to go with these effective tips on building first impression.