7 Things You Need to Know About Hair Straightening – Knowing & Sharing

By | May 11, 2017

Most of the girls agree on the fact that it’s easy to achieve a suitable look in straight hair. Though curls have their own grace but still straight strands are something that girls can’t stop loving. Hair straightening is a process in which specific products are applied on hair through different treatments to make it appear naturally smooth and straight.

There are different types of methods that are used these days by professionals for hair straightening. In this post, we will talk about hair straightening and several aspects that every girl needs to know about.

  1. Use of Sodium Based Products

As I’ve already discussed above, permanent hair straightening treatment includes the use of specialized products. Generally, professionals at salons begin the process with a sodium based product that breaks the actual keratin structure of hair. After that, they an oxidizing product is applied on hair to fix the keratin action making hair much more manageable.

  1. Different Types of Permanent Treatment

Permanent hair straightening can be accomplished with the help of different sorts of treatments. Rebonding and smoothening are some of the most common treatments whereas keratin treatment and hair blazing treatments are some popular hair trends these days. In addition to this, many popular brands provide a range of hair straightening products and therefore the cost of this treatment varies in salons.

  1. Different Countries Have Different Treatments

Interestingly, Keratin treatment is also known as Brazilian hair straightening and there is another type of hair straightening technique which is called Japanese straightening. Although, these treatment methods have nothing to do with their names but still, they are popular in hair style arena with these country-specified names.

  1. Keratin Treatment is the Best

Although, smoothening and rebonding are in trend but keratin treatment is considered to be the best amongst all. Professionals tell that this treatment is completely safe and suitable for all types of hair. Not only does it make your hair straight and smooth but also brings shine to them. Some hair experts also claim that keratin method has no side effects for hair and therefore it can be a great choice for both men and women.

  1. Repetition Leads to Severe Hair Damage

Permanent hair straightening treatments are known to last for almost 6-8 months and in some cases it might last for an entire year. Women often seek another treatment once their hair grow again after 8-10 months. Even though certain straightening treatments are completely safe but repetition of these heat induced treatments lead to frizz and severe damage. Let your hair take a break before your next permanent hair straightening treatment.

  1. DIYs Can Lead to Disastrous Results

Since, these treatments include the use of formula based products and oxidizing agents, there is no hard and fast method to try this at home. In addition to this, these treatments need to be done under the supervisions of experts. So, if you have any plan to try your hands in DIY hair straightening procedures, you must definitely skip it.

  1. Treatments are Available also for Hair Glaze

Enough with straightening procedures, hair stylists have also introduced a new treatment which is known as hair glazing. This popular hair treatment brings natural lush back to your hair making it look more beautiful. And the best part, this treatment will suit all hair types.

All these treatments take almost 4-6 hours and last for 6-7 months. You just need to make sure that you take care of your hair after the treatment as suggested by the professionals. Besides, you should use the products recommended by the professionals at least for first 3-4 months. Never scrub your hair with towel and eat healthy to retain the nutrition in your scalp.