6 Effortless Ways to Deal with Demotivating People – Knowing & Sharing

By | June 6, 2017

A popular quote by Robert H. Schuller says ‘Tough time never lasts, but tough people do’. Well, one thing is wide clear from this quote that it is easy to surpass the bad time but bad people will always be there to make you feel bad about yourself. There are several things that have no end and those who like to demotivate others are included in this list.

Source of Demotivation

One can face demotivation or demoralization during different phases of life and anyone can be the source of this problem. These people may have varying reasons to make you stop from what you were doing.

You can find these people at work, schools, colleges or social events. Not to forget some selected relatives who pretend to be your well-wishers and turn out to be the biggest traitors at times. So, if you are willing to combat any sort of demoralization, you really must learn to deal with those who always try to put you down.

Let’s take a look at different ways to deal with demotivating people:

One of my friend was willing to learn driving and therefore she joined the driving classes. Even though, she went through two learning sessions but still she wasn’t confident enough to drive alone. One day, she woke up really early and got her car from the parking by herself. It took her merely half an hour to get her fear out.

It is not just about criticism or bullying as it also includes fear. It is not necessary that only a person can demoralize someone because sometimes, your fear becomes your own enemy. In this case, you are required to deal with yourself. Your fear is surely the biggest demotivation and you can never get over it unless you get the courage to fight your fears.

Imagine, you spend almost an entire week on an upcoming project and your team leader tells you to throw your files in garbage box. It will be a moment when you will realize that you are dying to punch someone on the face. It is a common scenario that we get to see at work and the situation gets worse after a bitter reaction.

In such scenario, don’t let your anger come out as it can create bigger problems for you. Besides, don’t even blame yourself for unknown reasons because it won’t result in anything either. You just need to react the right way and take the responsibility with nerve and self-confidence.

  1. Get Someone to Bring It Out

In my first job, I had a colleague who used to do anger management tricks in office. It was her rule that after the bad response in a meeting, she would just stay calm and join one of us during lunch to discuss everything. It was her method to make herself feel better even after a bad day at work.

This is quite obvious that a person who is unable to get the frustration out tend to make mistakes. If you want to deal with this sort of condition, then all you need is a friend you trust the most. And remember, it is important to set yourself free from the anger you’ve been going through lately as it will help you calm down and focus on your actual goals.

  1. Stay Surrounded with Good People

We’ve seen in various science fiction movies that every poison or virus has an antidote for the rescue. Similarly, good people who always ensure to fill your energy level up are much like an antidote. No matter how demoralized and failed you feel about yourself, if you are around at least one good person, there is nothing else you will need to move on.

  1. Communicate with the Bully

This might sound a little scary and tricky for sure but once handled carefully, you can get rid of the negative energy you are surrounded by just in a matter of seconds. If there is someone who tries to point you at every possible chance, then you must do nothing but to have a clear conversation with that person. Get in touch with the person and talk about the aspects that they don’t like about you. This might clear many misunderstanding as well.

  1. Learn not to Pay Attention

I don’t want to sound negative here but sometimes nothing but ignorance helps. When you know that someone is trying to snap at you intentionally, you need to learn not to pay attention to such things. This is the time when you need to care about those who never try to demoralize your values and believe in you.

Thousands of people will come to steal your energetic spirit by demotivation but it’s only you who can save yourself from all the distraction coming from these people. No matter what they point at, your job is to ignore and keep going on with your goals.