13 Common Misconceptions about Introverts You Shouldn’t Believe Anymore – Knowing & Sharing

By | May 20, 2017

Have you been around an introvert person lately? Introverts are known for thinking differently and handling stuff in their own way. Some of them don’t prefer to interact much with people and are usually misunderstood. There are plenty of facts about introverts that are completely false. In this post, we will throw light on some of such misconceptions that you should stop believing:

  1. They Have Low Self-Esteem

This is one common thing that is extremely annoying for every person who is an introvert. To be clear with the fact, Introverts are not ashamed of their preferences and selections. They have a great stock of knowledge and self-esteem, and they are pretty confident about themselves.

  1. They Always Wish to Stay Alone

It is not always the case as they do like to spend quality time with their loved ones. You will notice that most of the introverts try their best to get some regular time so they can be with their family or closed ones.

Introverts are not stone-hearted or detached; they just don’t like to express every single emotion of their heart. Interestingly, they have a strong mind-set and therefore they don’t let others recognize what they are feeling inside.

  1. They have Issues with Situation Analysis

Being introvert is nothing like some mental illness or some kind of disability. Introverts don’t have any issues with analyzing a situation. Besides, they always prefer to take little extra time to understand the situation and express their evaluation.

  1. They Don’t Believe in Team Work

Have you ever seen an introvert person making a palatial building alone or creating a masterpiece without any help or assistance? I am sure, you haven’t. This is a clear myth that introverts don’t believe in team work and when required, they can be the most helpful member of the team.

  1. They Avoid Talking & Discussions

This is one crazy misconception about introverts. Why would a person with enormous knowledge would avoid a discussion? In fact, when they get a chance to prove their point, they ensure to evaluate it from all facets and come up with the right facts.

  1. They can’t make eye contact

If you consider that introverts are shy and cannot make eye contact, they your point is absolutely invalid. Such people are generally quite intelligent and know how to react during specific situations.

After watching several psychological thrillers, people might have started to assume that those who stay alone, make plans to do bizarre stuff. Guys! This is the real world where getting hyper is a natural thing for normal people. There is a broad and bare difference between introverts and psychopaths.

  1. They Hesitate While Speaking in Public

Being introvert is just a desire to stay calm and alone, and it doesn’t make you stammer while speaking in public. There is a very popular misconception that introverts can’t speak in public. On the contrary, when they come up with their own ideas and opinions, they can set a perfect example of a good speaker.

  1. They Can’t Achieve Their Goals

Believe me! Some people do think that introverts cannot fulfil their anticipation because they don’t interact with public much. There is a huge list of successful people including some of the most famous scientists, actors, and business personalities who are or used to be introvert.

Introverts are normal people with common sense and feelings. It is so typical to consider that if a person likes to spend time lonely, he/she wouldn’t be nice or fun in nature. In fact, I have noticed so far that some introverts are way more polite and modest than extroverts.

An introvert person has the ability to consider a scenario from various perspectives which I must say is nonetheless a gift from nature. Just because they don’t enthusiastic all the time doesn’t mean that they can’t handle a situation.

  1. They Need Transformation to Become an Extrovert

Why would anyone have to change just because some people misunderstood and have wrong judgements about a person? Being introvert is not a crime and it is entirely natural. We should always let others live happily in their own shells.

I am not entirely an introvert but sometimes, I do like to spend a few minutes every day with myself only. I believe this doesn’t make me any less of a good person and the same thing applies for all introverts.