11 Common Things We Get to See in All Indian TV Shows – Knowing & Sharing

By | May 11, 2017

Howdy friends!

My aunty was watching an Indian TV show when I was getting ready for office the other day. I just realized that it’s the same show that was on air when I was in school, it was on air when was in college and it’s been more than 3 years since I graduated. Then, my aunty told me that this is not the only show that is lasted for such a long span. There are many other daily soaps that go on with their story for years and years.

There are so many genres but these Indian daily soaps are based on just one genre and that is family & relationships. Apart from this, there are so many things about Indian television shows that people get to see annoyingly in all daily soaps. Here, I have listed few things that you get to see in all TV serials.

  1. Super Sanskari Protagonists

No matter how nice and well-behaved you are; you can never beat the sincerity of highly Sanskari lead characters of daily soaps. These characters have good looks, talent and the urge to keep things alright everywhere. Not to forget, they don’t date anyone and end up only with their respective soul mates.

  1. Larger than Life Love Stories

The love stories shown in these serials are way more typical than fairy tales. Two people meet and like each other but never express their love. In fact in some cases, they both get married accidentally and therefore they don’t consummate their marriage. The lovers are blessed with a baby and then they are separated and now it’s baby’s responsibility to help parents reconcile again. Are you kidding me?

  1. Dramatic Comeback of Dead Characters

This is the most frustrating concept of Indian television shows. A person dies on some random happy occasion and then comes back on another special occasion and sometimes with a modified appearance. Unfortunately, viewers will never be able to understand this very own concept of television series.

  1. Women Sleeping with Jewelry and Makeup On

I really want someone to explain the logic of wearing makeup and jewelry all the time and that too with heavy sarees. You see them going to bed and waking up during midnight with makeup on their face. Seriously guys! Why?

Two people fall in love and are about to get married after so many efforts. But then, something wrong happens and one of them eventually ends up with marrying someone else. Or, they do marry and then they leave each other and then again meet after few years and recall their love to get back together again.

A lady with great looks and cruel intentions is always there to spice things up a little. She likes to wear lots of makeup and a big bindi on her forehead to look hotter than the Sanskari protagonists.

Most of these serials are based on the story of a business family. But interestingly, they always stay at home probably to look over all the problems going on in their family. I really wonder how they manage their business even after being at home most of the time.

Sudden bankruptcy has created a benchmark in the history of all the popular Indian shows. A family is having some quality time and all of a sudden, they get a call from offices. Or sometimes, it’s the vamp behind all these bankruptcy conspiracies.

When a serial completes 6 months or a year, we get to see an unreasonable leap of 5-10 years which apparently makes no sense. After a leap, someone is either dead, missing or left out for a reason. How thoughtful!

This one is the USP of Indian daily soaps. You have a young son and you don’t look 50. After few years, you have a grandchild and still you look the same. You get to see your great grandchild and you are not going older yet. Nice!

  1. Lots of Ceremonies & Functions

They celebrate marriages at least thrice or four times a year. Including sangeet, mehandi, and other ceremonies, they have 10 different functions before wedding. And, when they celebrate Holi and Diwali, everyone comes to attend their party instead of enjoying the festival with their own family. Mind blowing!

What’s your point of annoyance in Indian TV shows? Please let me know in the comments below.