10 Makeup Shopping Mistakes You haven’t Realized Yet – Knowing & Sharing

By | May 30, 2017

Hello Girls!

Do you remember when did you buy your first lipstick or any other makeup product? There is no problem if you don’t because I don’t remember that either. 😛 Jokes apart, choosing makeup products is not like sipping a cup of coffee. There are few aspects that you need to take into consideration while buying makeup.

This is something that you are buying to enhance your beauty and you are going to apply this on your own skin. Therefore, it is important to be cautious while purchasing makeup. In this post, we are going to talk about some crimes that women commit during makeup shopping. Read on to take a look at the list of makeup shopping mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs.

  1. You don’t Test the Products

This is the biggest shopping crime in the history of makeup. Why would you buy something for your skin that you haven’t even tested? I highly recommend you not to buy your makeup products just because of their brand value or persuasive ad campaigning.

  1. You Buy Makeup for Color & Packaging

There are several makeup brands that offer captivating packing along with the product. While window shopping, you might get the urge to buy such sort of products. I would suggest you to avoid buying makeup products just because of their unique colors and packaging.

  1. You Consider All Makeup Brands Alike

Many girls think that shade #9 of MAC lipsticks is just like the shade #9 of Maybelline’s. This is a clear mistake gals! Every makeup brand has their own way of to represent a specific product. Remember the shade rather than that shade number especially when you are switching your makeup brand.

  1. You Check Foundation on Your Hands

Does the skin on your hands looks exactly like your facial skin? Nope! Then, you would you try foundation on your hands? Foundation is one of the most essential factors in makeup and therefore you need to try this on your cheeks to pick the best one.

  1. You Buy Base Makeup Products without Any Hint

I have seen girls buying cream foundations, concealers, primers and blushes without even knowing what their skin requires. If you are new to makeup, then you really need to do some homework and check through some well-detailed makeup guides that are available on internet.

  1. You Choose Makeup Stuff with no Brushes

What if you don’t have a kabuki brush and the loose powder that you just bought has no brush in the packaging either? When you are heading out to spend some bucks on your makeup, then make sure that you buy them wisely and get exactly what you were looking for.

  1. You Test Makeup Products without Wiping your Face

You don’t need to wash your face before trying the foundation, concealer or any other makeup product on your skin. All you need is to prep your skin for that. As we all know that direct application of any makeup product on face ruins the skin, so avoid applying anything directly on face. Instead, you can ask the store keepers for a cleansing wipe for your face.

  1. You Don’t Check the Details on Packaging

Well, I would say that this is the most stupid mistake that women make when they don’t take a look at the details and packaging information given on a product. Apart from expiry date, there are lots of things about a makeup product that matter. For example, the chemicals and other ingredients of a product must always be checked before the purchase.

  1. You Buy Lipsticks Only for Their Colors

It is so natural that when you see a catchy and fascinating shade of lipstick in movies, TV or somewhere else, you tempt to get the same shade as soon as possible. I would say that you’ve got to control this temptation because you don’t know whether that lipstick shade would suit you or not. Besides everything, I will mention that you can always go for a ravishing red lipstick as it suits everyone.

  1. You Purchase Big Packs of New Makeup Products

2 months ago, one of my cousin bought a big bottle of liquid foundation but she didn’t like it much. Probably because it doesn’t suit her skin and she is looking for other better options. So, this is how her 4000 bucks are all in vain. I believe you’ve understood what I am trying to explain here.

Although these makeup shopping mistakes are general but when repeated, these mistakes can definitely create a hole in your pocket. I am sure, next time you will go to shop for your beauty kit, you will keep these things in mind and make the right selection of makeup products. Happy shopping girls!